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The Balance Beam

Here atop a balance beam
wobbling here from side to side
Hoping to find peace between
Justice's wave and mercy's tide

I know that I am not to judge
unrighteously, but how to know
the place between a gentle heart
or to deliver a firm word's blow

I'm tired of the ceaseless mobs
of those denying Jesus' truths
And people leaving from his fold
They couldn't wait to see the fruits.

I'm told to love, and told to peace
Told to stand firm, to give relief
And I'll defend, midst pain and grief
All of my tender heart's beliefs

But sometimes I haven't clues to see
Whether to draw quietly in the dirt
Or overthrow the seller's wares
Or simply, situations skirt...

For there are those whom I call friends
Whose course and mine no longer bend
in the same strait from north to south...
But friendship can't see journey's end

So you and I, our minds once one
Apart now in ideals and faith
Maintaining our relationship
But split on all our thoughts of grace.

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How Could I Ever Love You More?

I remember holding you, the first morn after wedded
And thinking then, as our eyes met midst smiles How could I ever love you more?
But here we are dear, riding hand in hand Teasing and laughing as the Jeep takes us south And I love you now more than all the days past.
And I can't imagine loving you more tomorrow, but now, after 1,528 days of waking up next to your eyes and smiles, I know that I will.
I remember holding you, that morn when you were born And thinking then, amidst tears and cries and your soft newness-- How could I ever love you more?
But here we are munch, playing duplos and singing You grab my cheek to plant a kiss, you place in my hands just one more book-- And I love you now more than all the days past.
And I can't imagine loving you more tomorrow, but now, after 608 days of teaching you and reading to you and watching you grow, I know that I will.
I remember looking at the positive sign, a glow in my heart as I held you within, And thinking then, re…

Where'd You Go? Explaining My Writing Demons, and Expressing a Hope to Thwart Them

It's been a hot minute.
I haven't posted anything, because quite frankly, I've been afraid to write.

My writer self looks gaunt in the face and weepy for neglect. She has so many beautiful ideas and at least thrice weekly she has a brilliant subject for a blog post or journal entry. But, admittedly, she's been held captive by my insecurity demons, those brutes who whisper bitter nothings...

Sometimes they attack my artistic side: "you can't post a recipe. You don't even have a picture, and if you did take a picture, you just have a smart phone camera. That photo would look pathetic. What a newbie  you'll look like next to your favorite gorgeous food blogs like 'cooking classy' and 'six sisters stuff' ... or ... "you think you're a poet? Bah. Half your poems don't even have matching syllables from line to line. Your imagery is weak and your ideas are all over the place. What are you even trying to convey? They'll never g…

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me

I often take the long way home, just so I can drive by the farm that houses two darling Arabian foals in their frontmost pasture. I most certainly squealed the first time I spotted them.Making friends with people my own age does not come naturally to me. While I've worked at it over my lifetime and I'm fairly competent at having a conversation with someone born in the same decade as me, I feel most comfortable talking with people my grandparents' age.Brushing my teeth is at least a four-times-a-day occurrence for me. My husband laughs when I brush my teeth right before dinner. A delicious meal is always more enjoyable when partaken with a truly clean palate. I'm a cheddar cheese snob. After sampling a smattering of cheddar cheeses from Harmon's, Walmart, Macey's, and more, I can confidently tell you that Smith's Kroger-Brand-Sharp-Cheddar-Cheese-Block is supremely superior.Secretly, I'm an old person myself. I may …

A Year and 10 Days Ago

Dear Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and you lovely random passerby of the Blogosphere--

A year and 10 days ago I set out on a journey to write a blog post a day, for two months straight. I did that successfully, and then decided to extend my challenge to a one-year challenge.

My report? I wrote 317 blog posts in a 365-day period. And I think that's pretty rad.

A few reflections on this experience:

Firstly, I started this blog not just because I love writing, but because I needed help.

I was suffering from some intense postpartum anxiety, but I didn't know that's what it was at the time. Every moment of every day I felt like I was under severe stress and pressure, even when there were no evident triggers for such. The feeling in my gut on an almost constant basis felt like the queasy stomach, racing heartbeat, and unsettled mind that greeted me before every math test and job interview I've had growing up.

I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know how to fix it, a…

Captions from the last Two Months

Apparently, Charlie's got the bill. Thanks bud.

Somos cuatro ahora.

I want to make this recipe, but I don't know where to buy figs? Tips?

In heaven at Grandma's house.

A discovery amongst papers from my high school days. What kept me sane during difficult classes were these margin doodlings.

Apparently I organized these wrong. Thanks for helping me sort things out, little man.


Potato Peel Pie (Admittedly, without potato peelings. I know, I don't know that the Guernsey Literary Society would accept me fully).

Barber Dad extraordinaire.

The best thing to wake up to after he's left for work 💗

Day #317

Gratefuls from 2018, In no Particular Order, and Long Overdue

OK Guys, so I know we're well into 2019 at this point, but I'm feeling this empty hole in my heart from not writing about the best parts of 2018 in a blogpost. So I'mma right this right now.

Here's my gratefuls from last calendar year, in no particular order:

My 3 year anniversary with the love of my life, Kevin J 😍My baby boy's 1st birthdayVisiting Washington D.C. with my parents and brothers. My appreciation for the freedoms I enjoy, and my respect for all those who have sacrificed so much to offer those freedoms to me, increased tremendously. Plus, late nights playing Codenames in our hotel and enjoying Larry's ice cream in the Reagan Building food court were pretty awesome too. Love my family.The first Christmas in a long time where I gave gifts I really put a lot of time, thought, and sweat into; and received beautiful gifts of the same kind.Finally reaching a weight and status of activity/health that made me feel comfortable and happy in my own skin. Star…